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Yousaf  Khan


Yousaf Khan of Yousaf Khan Photography: An enterprising individual originally from the small town, and agricultural world Live Oak, California. Growing up on the wide orange sky ranges of Khan Farms allowed Yousaf to capture the early mornings roosters alarm, and late star filled nights through his photography. He knew in his bones, like a chilling New England winter day, this would be the best form of expression for him throughout his alluring life. 

His deep passion and drive for photography have stuck with him and has followed him through the long cracked winding roads, we call life. It is the crisp photos that make the purest memories, come to life. It is the crowd of loved ones, and new friends he is able to assist by producing physical evidence of an extraordinary moment within time. Thus, photography to Yousaf is not just an absent-minded picture but rather a compelling story that has no end of visitation. This vision is the content, creativity, hope and wish he has not only for himself to cultivate but also for every individual client.

"you don't take a photograph, you make it" - Ansel Adams